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Virtual Machine is inaccessible
Last Updated 2 years ago

First Solution:

VirtualBox is looking for the file "hprs_local_server.vbox"(as per the error message)...but in that directory....there is no such file.

To fix this issue follow these steps:
  • Navigate to the folder "%userprofile%\VirtualBox VMs\hprs_local_server" (where %userprofile% is the currently logged in user):
  1. Close virtualbox
  2. Confirm if there is a file called "hprs_local_server.vbox-tmp"
  3. If there is, remove the "-tmp" from the end "hprs_local_server.vbox-tmp" file
  4. Open virtualbox
  5. Start the hprs_local_server
 Local server should start up now

Alternate solution if above fails:
  1. Download and extract the VMWare Disk Management Utility file
  2. Rename the extractedit to vmware-vdiskmanager.exe
  3. Copy the vmware-vdiskmanager. exe file to C:\Program Files\VMware (create this folder if it does not exist). For 64-bit operating systems, the path is C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware (Create this folder if this does not exist)
  4. Copy the .vmdk into the same folder
  5. Shut down any virtual machines that are running and quit VMbox.
  6. Manually repair your virtual disk using the utility you just downloaded:
  • Open a command prompt and type cd \Program Files (x86)\VMware.
  • Enter this command:
vmware-vdiskmanager -R %VMDiskName%      >>   where %VMDiskName% is the name of the .vmdk file
8. Copy the .vmdk back into the hprs_local_server folder
9. Restart Windows
10. Start Virtual Machine

Virtual machine should be back online

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